Thursday, January 19, 2012

Time For A New Do.

    It's been a countdown all week, and finally Thursday has arrived. The day I get my new hairdo. I've been a red head for a few months, and although it's been fun, it's time to go back to my roots of being a brunette, not to mention my bangs had grown so long I could hardly see, and my bobby pinned bang look today wasn't anything I was to proud of;)
    I decided to go quite dark... The darkest brown without being black was my color request... which Jordan my all time favorite stylist achieved to a T! We added some fun choppy bangs to add some style to my simple cut, and gave the length a trim.
Doesn't getting your hair done just brighten your day sometimes? It sure did for me today...

Anyone interested in a new stylist? I go to Jordan Kleinheksel @ Salon Cheveux she is AMAZING.
Salon Cheveux's # 546-2824
Changing my Color!

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