Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Light Jeans and Winter.

    Some people save light wash jeans just for the Spring and Summer months. I, however decided to pull my favorite pair of light wash, Hudson, ferris flares out to wear. If paired with the correct tops I think light wash jeans can be worn more than just in the Spring & Summer.
    I decided to wear a chunky knit sweater to give my look a little more of a wintery feel. I also opted to stick to wearing a neutral oatmeal color, since color wise that matches a lighter jean better than say a dark, bold color. (notice it's a high- low sweater- the trend I posted about a few days ago) I paired a me too, olive green moccasin with my outfit, which kept the whole outfit in the neutral earth tones. Lastly I kept my jewelry simple by wearing my favorite dogeared heart necklace, which is very delicate and small.
So pull those light jeans out of your closet... They work to wear in the winter too!


Not the easiest to tell in this picture...but the 
style of sweater I'm wearing is the high-low
 (shorter in front longer in the back).  I paired it with a 
long cream cami for layering purposes.

Chunky knit sweater with light wash jeans
Jeans are the Ferris Flare by Hudson purchased at Jb and me (still available).

My favorite dogeared necklace. So simple and cute.

Little me too moccasins.  These flats are also cute with skinny jeans cuffed:)

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