Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My Denim Shirt.

    Today I'm wearing denim with denim. I would normally say wearing denim on top with denim paired on the bottom isn't a good look, but let me tell you why this works with my outfit and how I've paired it together. The denim top is quite light in color where my pants on the other hand are a super dark ink blue wash. It's a solid wash too, with no distressing, which is a good thing since the top has that distressed worn look going on. So if your going to wear denim on top either pair it with a colored pant option this Spring or find a pair of really dark blue jeans in your closet to pair it with...just please do not try to match your denim on top and bottom, that is a fashion no no! It must contrast!


Top: free people (available at jb and me)
Fidelity ace mid rise in dark ink wash
(Jb and me)

Tuesday, February 28, 2012


    I use this color to decorate at my house, and now I can't wait to add it to my wardrobe this Spring: The color is mint green.  I love how it's such a fresh pastel color, it just shouts Spring!  Here are a few items I found while searching online of some great, stylish items in mint:)

What's your favorite Spring color?


Monday, February 27, 2012

Seychelles Spring Shoes Are Wonderful.

    It's one of my favorite brands that we carry at Jb and me...Seychelles.  I was looking over their website today and found some adorable new shoes for Spring, which I'm crossing my fingers that we will get at the store:)  The colors range from very bright and vibrant, to nudes and neutrals, to mixing the nude tones with bright colors.  Here are a few pictures of my favorites....the top shoe is one I've decided must be added to my shoe's adorable.

What are some of your favorite shoe brands?


 Aloof $100

Snapdragon $90

Coulda Danced all Night $100

Ballad $90

Modest $98

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Nails. Nails. Nails. Oh The Options.

    Nail art has been such a big trend lately.  From glitter to nude to matte seems as though the options and trends are endless.  Last night as I was watching some t.v. and being lazy I decided to paint my nails a fun coral color and add a shimmery, gold , crackle top coat.  The top picture is the finished product, and the pictures following it are other options I found while searching Pinterest and Facebook.  Which one is your favorite nail trend?

My at home manicure with crackle polish

Big Glitter

Multi color

Soft Pinks

Aztek Prints

Or for those of you who really like like to live on the
wild side of nail art :)

* all pictures found on facebook or pinterest

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


   They add warmth during our cold seasons, and compliment just about any pair of skinny jeans and boots...believe it our not I'm talking about knee high socks.  Now don't think you can just find any old pair of knee high socks in your drawer, and pair them with boots to make a cute outfit.  Gold toe socks will NOT cut it as a fashion sock:)  I'm talking about the heathered knitted socks, or the cute crocheted sock, to add a little detail to your outfits.
    Not only are we seeing this trend in the winter, but the spring as well.  You would just want to find a cute crocheted pair or a light weight cotton pair with some added detail on the top to stick out of your boot or shoe.

The following pics are options that are available on the Free People website, but the ones I'm wearing are from jb and me, we have some great options in stock as well! (Cute ones for Spring too).

My outfit today.

My boots and socks.

Spring Options!

 Perfect weight for now or Springtime, these would look
great with a cowboy boot!

 Cute ruffles are perfect for Spring!

Wear printed socks with heels in the Spring!


*all pics are from the free people website except the ones I am wearing are from Jb and me.

Monday, February 20, 2012

The "Classic" Laura Outfit.

    I'll always be a jeans a t-shirt girl at heart... If someone were to ask me what my all time favorite outfit is, I'm pretty sure it would consist of some type of jeans and tee combo. It's an effortless look that is easy to pull together.
    Normally since this look is so simple I try and accessorize it a bit. I've layered three necklaces today. The longest is a vintage find found at the Allegan antique market for a whopping $1, it is one of my favorite necklaces! The second necklace with the rose is from a designer called Kate Mesta (found at Jb and me), and the third small charm is my dogeared necklace that I never take off, and layer with just about everything. I've paired this look with a rugged pair of cowboy boots in a light tannish yellow color. It's a simple look, but it's my favorite! Any other jeans and tees people out there?


Jeans: Hudson ferris flare
Tee: AG t-shirt line
Boots: Miz Mooz

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Printed and Colored Denim.

Who's excited to wear colored denim this Summer?  How about a printed pair?  I can say I'm excited for both!  As I was shopping this weekend almost every store I stopped at was filled with bright and fun colors for both tops and bottoms.  Some are more muted like the True Religion Serena I pictured, and some options aren't, such as the floral prints like the Citizen Mandy.  

So what are we going to be pairing with these bottoms this Spring/Summer you might ask?  Well... If you are going to be wearing a print on the bottom, your going to want to keep you top and accessories a little more simple.  You will have more options with what you can pair on top if you are wearing a simple solid pair of colored jeans.
  Here are some outfit Examples:

Blank Denim Tangerine pants+Royal Purple top+gold hoop earrings+gold sandals= Bold and bright color block outfit

Citizen Floral pants+light denim top+gold bangles+nude ballet flat= Super cute feminine look

True Religion Serena+printed pastel top+brown moccasin flat+solid pastel clutch purse= Casual Spring shopping outfit:)

AG stilt Ikat pant+ oversized white t-shirt+blue beaded necklace+brown platform sandal= Perfect Summer date night look


Thursday, February 16, 2012

My Latest Etsy Find.

    I'm always looking for new and exciting things to find on Etsy.  For those of you who aren't familiar with this website click HERE, because it's amazing and you can find all sorts of handmade treasures on it!  
    Anyways, I was reading a great blog called The Fresh Exchange not to long ago, and she had written about an artist named Leah Reena Goren and posted a few items from her Etsy page, and they were just adorable!  One of the items was this cute little pastel headband, which I ended up purchasing and am wearing in the following pictures...

Cute right?  Plus...makes it REALLY easy to do your hair:)

Here are a few more Etsy sites that have great head wraps... I think they look adorable on, and they make your basic ponytail look a little more stylish:)


TeaAccessories: Handmade sailor knot headbands (very Cute and different)

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Loving pastels.

    The minute I saw this top I immediately fell in love with the colors... Pastels are always so soft and feminine looking. This type of color palette for Spring will be perfect for pairing with basic denim, like I have on, but also great with all of the colored denim we are seeing as well!

    Are you all excited about the colored denim trend?

P.S. isn't my pup MacGregor so adorable:) I just love him!

Sanctuary pastel floral blouse

Sorry bad lighting and really creepy dog eyes, but 
you could see the color of the top better in this pic:)


Monday, February 13, 2012

New Beauty Obsessions.

    It was my weekend off from working at the store, so you know what that means...a little shopping at Ulta!  I've been down to the last drop on my foundation, so I was on the hunt for something new and different.  I had used a tinted moisturizer from the line Tarte before, and had really liked it, so I was interested in checking out their new foundation called Amazonian clay 12-hour full coverage foundation SPF 15.  It had everything I wanted...something with a little heavier coverage than a tinted moisturizer, and it also had an SPF (very important).  It didn't take long after trying it on that I was convinced to buy it...let me tell you friends, this is the best foundation I have ever purchased.  It made my skin almost look like it had airbrushed makeup on!
     On the Tarte website it already had 52 reviews, and everyone had given it 5/5 know it's gotta be good when everyone reviews it that high!  It was $38, which I didn't really love...but figured foundation usually lasts me a while, so I bit the bullet and paid the high ticket price.  The other item that is on my list of wants is the foundation brush that goes with goes on fine using just fingers, but the brush really gave it the best results, and then you don't have to worry about make up covered fingers either.

    I also ended up with a few other new products which I am loving as well:


I'm really loving this revlon lip butter, it has almost acted like 
a colored chapstick...the color is so fun and bright too!  
(color pictured is not the one I have)

Me wearing all my new makeup!  I love fun bright lips!

If any of you decide to give these products a whirl, let me know what you think!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

One Top 2 Looks.

    I love fun tanks and camis, that are perfect for layering under blazers or over different tops! They make your wardrobe easier to mix and match. I wanted to give an example of a top that I like to wear a few different ways... So here ya go, outfit one with the blazer has a dressier look, where outfit two is the layered look which is much more casual. One top 2 looks;)


Friday, February 10, 2012

The Snow is Back, Boot Time!

    I knew we hadn't seen the last of old man winter here in Michigan. The sunshine has been wonderful, but now that the trees are covered in their icy layers it's equally beautiful out (just MUCH colder). It was time to pull out the boots again...this time my Tretorn wellies. I love these boots, because they are cute with a casual outfit, and also have a built in warm lining so my feet were toasty all day long. I paired them with a black and grey striped Testament top with a flowy fit, which is perfect paired with skinny denim leggings. I layered up some necklaces, mixing silver and gold to add a little more excitement to this simple and casual outfit.

How many of you have a pair of wellies you wear in snowy/rainy weather?

Happy Friday Friends!

Tretorn boots: Jb and me (available now)
Top: Testament
Necklaces: Kate Mesta dog tag, dogeared heart necklace.

My Tretorn boots...I love the laces...
a little added detail is always fun.

Link to the same top I'm wearing on piperlime
only in a different's even on sale!

layering two two necklaces...I often do small 
one a bit larger.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Light Jeans and Winter.

    Some people save light wash jeans just for the Spring and Summer months. I, however decided to pull my favorite pair of light wash, Hudson, ferris flares out to wear. If paired with the correct tops I think light wash jeans can be worn more than just in the Spring & Summer.
    I decided to wear a chunky knit sweater to give my look a little more of a wintery feel. I also opted to stick to wearing a neutral oatmeal color, since color wise that matches a lighter jean better than say a dark, bold color. (notice it's a high- low sweater- the trend I posted about a few days ago) I paired a me too, olive green moccasin with my outfit, which kept the whole outfit in the neutral earth tones. Lastly I kept my jewelry simple by wearing my favorite dogeared heart necklace, which is very delicate and small.
So pull those light jeans out of your closet... They work to wear in the winter too!


Not the easiest to tell in this picture...but the 
style of sweater I'm wearing is the high-low
 (shorter in front longer in the back).  I paired it with a 
long cream cami for layering purposes.

Chunky knit sweater with light wash jeans
Jeans are the Ferris Flare by Hudson purchased at Jb and me (still available).

My favorite dogeared necklace. So simple and cute.

Little me too moccasins.  These flats are also cute with skinny jeans cuffed:)