Monday, February 27, 2012

Seychelles Spring Shoes Are Wonderful.

    It's one of my favorite brands that we carry at Jb and me...Seychelles.  I was looking over their website today and found some adorable new shoes for Spring, which I'm crossing my fingers that we will get at the store:)  The colors range from very bright and vibrant, to nudes and neutrals, to mixing the nude tones with bright colors.  Here are a few pictures of my favorites....the top shoe is one I've decided must be added to my shoe's adorable.

What are some of your favorite shoe brands?


 Aloof $100

Snapdragon $90

Coulda Danced all Night $100

Ballad $90

Modest $98


  1. I love Seychelles! They are comfortable and I love the style.

  2. They are always so comfortable aren't they Sara?! These spring colors are just so adorable... They'd be perfect for your vacation!