Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My Denim Shirt.

    Today I'm wearing denim with denim. I would normally say wearing denim on top with denim paired on the bottom isn't a good look, but let me tell you why this works with my outfit and how I've paired it together. The denim top is quite light in color where my pants on the other hand are a super dark ink blue wash. It's a solid wash too, with no distressing, which is a good thing since the top has that distressed worn look going on. So if your going to wear denim on top either pair it with a colored pant option this Spring or find a pair of really dark blue jeans in your closet to pair it with...just please do not try to match your denim on top and bottom, that is a fashion no no! It must contrast!


Top: free people (available at jb and me)
Fidelity ace mid rise in dark ink wash
(Jb and me)

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