Thursday, June 28, 2012

A new ombre hair-do for Laura

    I visited my stylist Jordan at salon cheveux today. I wanted to stick to somewhat of the ombré look that I had done at my last appointment, but a little lighter for summer. To create a bit of a softer and not so disconnected look she painted on the highlights to blend it with my already ombré strands. The following pics are the results;) I'm really liking the lighter color for a change! If anyone is looking for a great stylist check out Jordan from salon cheveux!



Added some layers
Still all over dark color on top.  

My Outfit today.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

My Guideline to Boots in the Summer.

Boots aren't just for wearing in the fall and winter months, however there are a few things I go by when choosing what ones I wear throughout the summer months. Some people may not agree with the following, but I like to think they are good guidelines:)

1. Lighter colors are best. Save your black and really dark chocolate browns for the winter months. However, depending on the style of boot these colors could occasionally work too:)

2. Shorter boots are a great option for summer. Mid calf and short cowboys boots are both great options.

3. Boots made of other material besides leather are a good option for summer such as a canvas. Leather is great to, but this is another great lightweight material that works.

4. Boots should hit under the knees when worn in the summer. Up to the knee is fine, but save those REALLY tall ones for your leggings in the winter.

5. Perforated leather like the sixty seven boots I'm wearing give the boot and airier look and feel making them a good choice for summer.


Miz Mooz Carlito-Another favorite Summer boot of mine:)

A boot from Mea Shadow that I own. This is a great color for Summer and a good height.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Emily and Fin dress

    I've been eyeing this dress by Emily and Finn for weeks now at FOUND and finally bit the bullet and bought it for a wedding I attended over the weekend. My favorite part about it is the style. It has cute little short sleeves that are perfect when you don't always want to be wearing sleeveless all the time. It has a full skirt yet fitted waistband making it figure flattering and the material is an adorable dove print:) what not to love!
I paired it with a light grey heel by Seychelles, which I though was a nice alternative to a black heel. I kept my jewelry simple by wearing a pearl drop earring and a thin gold bangle.


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Changing up my polka dot dress.

    I've written before about my Leota polka dot this post I wanted to show you all how I changed the look a bit. Adding different accessories like a belt can really change the look of a summer dress. I chose to pair the green dress with a watermelon colored belt (jb and me $26), keeping the flat part in the front and tying it in the back with a twisted knot. It adds another color to the look and also defines the waist. I paired it with a purse in a very similar color and threw on a heel from Miz Mooz in a fun green. Same dress-new look:)


Friday, June 15, 2012

FP floral shorts.

I was lacking a photographer tonight so I had to be a little creative and take my own. The pups decided they wanted to be included as well in all of the pics, which is fine since they are adorable and probably will make the pictures much more fun to look at:)
I'm wearing my new Free People floral short- which, I have to thanks my friend Kasidee for showing them to me, and convincing me how cute they are. I've paired them with a Michael Stars tee that has a comfy/looser fit. I also decided to size up in these shorts to create a slouchier fit and it also helped add a little length to them.

How are you all feeling about the floral trend? It makes you branch out of your box a little, but it's a fun summer trend!


Friday, June 8, 2012


With warm weather ahead as much as I don't think shorts are the best look on me, I purchased a pair to wear for the summer. I can't stand jeans on a hot day in the summer... And dresses aren't typically practical for working outside;)
I picked a pair by Lucky brand. Cut off style, but not super short. They are also a little wider in the leg so the material isn't super clingy. The top I'm wearing is new today from the store as well (Jb and me) it's from billabong and was only $34. It's super soft material too, which is always a plus.

What kind of shorts are you all wearing this summer?

Billabong crop top $34
Lucky brand Abby short. (also available in a denim  option at the store)