Monday, March 26, 2012

A Subtle Ombre Look.

    It was a stressful day...buying a house is stressful.  Fun, but stressful.  So I was so happy to have a cut and color appointment with Jordan my stylist from Salon Cheveux.  I wanted to do a little something different this time around so opted to try the ombre look that you are seeing on many of the celebs right now.  The girls at the salon suggested I not do the traditional ombre look (which is a little more drastic and two-toned- see Mylie Cyrus) and thought that a more subtle ombre look was the way for me to go...only grabbing sections of my hair and doing the same technique. This is me before after much teasing of the hair (so you don't get a line, and it radiates better) and after the final product!

Traditional Ombre on a shorter cut

Work in progress:)

Final product: Subtle Ombre:)


  1. Your hair looks great!

  2. i am a lover of the ombre and appreciate the subtle version. i so wish i could do this look but sadly on hair this short i fear that it would turn out to be frosted tips and i think we can agree that that is never a good idea. can't wait to see your new locks in person!