Thursday, March 8, 2012

Pom Poms and Purses.

    I've been training new staff at our store in Grand Rapids all week, which by the way is looking adorable! Many of you know that we are located right next to the new Anthropologie that also recently opened up... This also ='s 30 minute mini shopping trips on my lunch break:) Dangerous I know, but I'm in the process of buying a new house so I have to control my shopping urges... I did however, let myself buy one treat this week. I couldn't resist it. Here it is... An oversized beaded clutch. I fell in LOVE with the bright colors and the Pom Pom zipper pull.
    Fun bags and clutches are a great way to bring color to your outfits this Spring as I've mentioned before. Have fun with color and be adventurous with it. Pair two unexpected bright colors together like orange and purple or coral and teal. Color is everywhere this Spring, embrace it;)


Sneak Peek Store Pictures

Shoes section in process, many more shoes to come!

Front Entrance of new store:)

My new oversized clutch

New brand for me, I've never heard of 
Jasper & Jeera but I'm a fan now:)

My favorite part= Pom Poms

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