Friday, August 31, 2012

Combining two outfits.

In my outfit today I combined two outfits into one by taking a simple slip from free people and tying a sash from another dress I own as the statement piece of my outfit. It adds a bit of color and pattern to the very simple slip dress, and also makes use of teo different items in my closet. I also paired my outfit with a pair of charcoal leggings and layered up some jewelry.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Fun new accessories.

I had the day off from work yesterday and decided to do a little antique shopping. I found a great retro floor lamp for my family room and this amazing vintage bracelet. I love finding hidden treasures...

My second new thing is this fun animal print headwrap... Sandy who I work with at the store is making them... It was super easy to put on and with my recent obsession with hair accessories it was a perfect addition to the collection. I'm wearing it wrapped around my head and tied in a knot in the back, but it also could be worn tied underneath by your neck for a simple headband look.


Monday, August 20, 2012

Fabric head wraps.

Abby at FOUND recently started carrying these headbands/wraps. They are EXACTLY what I have been searching for. They are solid colors, making them very easy to wear with plenty of outfits, they're stretchy and comfortable and they are only $12 which is very affordable!

It's easiest to wear these bands if you have medium to long hair, but with the right short style I'm sure they can be worn too:)

I pulled my hair into a messy top bun, and added the band and it's as easy as that:)


Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Braided hair wraps

Yesterday was stylemax in Chicago... Which is one of the buying shows we go on to purchase new things for the store. As Jamie and I were walking around we came across these awesome braided hair wraps made of vintage scarves. I love the bohemian look it gives, and being easy to put in your hair was a big plus for me too. Jamie had the scarf braided through her hair yesterday which looked equally adorable. They will be available to purchase at both stores soon. Hair accessories are really popular right now... Whats your favorite one?

Saturday, August 4, 2012

High low skirt.

Today I'm wearing my new high low skirt from pink martini. Some people love this look and others aren't quite getting used to it. Kinda funny story, I was working today and a man looked at me with a confused look on his face and said "so what do they call that?"- meaning my skirt. I just laughed and explained it to him:)
The main reason why I love this skirt is it's very flowy fun material.
I kept it simple by tucking in a fitted niki biki tank, and layering a bunch of jewelry.


Friday, August 3, 2012

Cuffing your shorts.

    Of the few shorts I own the AG boyfriend short is one of my favorites. It it a cuffable short that can be worn at a few different lengths. 1.full length/no cuffs 2. One cuff or 3. Full cuff/two rolls.

    Depending on age and body shape some options of wearing shorts can work better. For me I feel like the full length option is the most unflattering... The length is to long for my short legs. The cuffed options look better with my height and build, and the length is still appropriate and long enough to wear to work.
I've paired my outfit with an amazingly comfortable Michael stars tee I'd been eyeing at the store for weeks... So casual and comfy!!!


No Cuff
One Cuff

Full Cuff/2 rolls

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Blouse and shorts.

Today I am wearing a fun new top from Abby at FOUND from Emily and Fin. I love the fit of this blouse because it is fitted at the smallest part of my waist and blouses out a bit wear I need to hind my wider areas:). I had a woman walking down the street compliment me on it today and also tell me she had a top very similar years ago when she was growing up. Fashion always comes back around!
I paired the top with a pair of skinny jeans at work today, but had to change once I got home because I was so warm in them with this heat:). I changed into my coral lucky shorts, which picked up perfectly on the pink polka dots.

My dogs also wanted to model with me today:)