Friday, August 3, 2012

Cuffing your shorts.

    Of the few shorts I own the AG boyfriend short is one of my favorites. It it a cuffable short that can be worn at a few different lengths. 1.full length/no cuffs 2. One cuff or 3. Full cuff/two rolls.

    Depending on age and body shape some options of wearing shorts can work better. For me I feel like the full length option is the most unflattering... The length is to long for my short legs. The cuffed options look better with my height and build, and the length is still appropriate and long enough to wear to work.
I've paired my outfit with an amazingly comfortable Michael stars tee I'd been eyeing at the store for weeks... So casual and comfy!!!


No Cuff
One Cuff

Full Cuff/2 rolls

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