Thursday, March 1, 2012

Adding that "POP" of Color.

    Accessories are such an easy way of bringing in a pop of color if you are one that likes to stick to simple neutrals in their wardrobe, or if your closet typically consists of nothing more than black and grey. Try pulling in a coral bag like I'm toting today, or add a chunky turquoise necklace to brighten up your look. To be honest I love wearing bright colors occasionally, but usually you'll find me in my typical ivory sweaters or solid tees, so I love pulling in most of my color by a scarf or fun accessory.
    Having a bright bag is a must this season!  If your not ready to branch out and wear the popular tangerine color this season, try a mustard yellow instead.  It's a great neutral, and not as bright as some of the other options if color's not your thing.
    I've paired my look with my fun Nicole leopard shoe, and also wore a silver necklace that is very special to me- it's one of my Grandmas rings melted together with one of my Grandpas rings, and in the middle there is a small little diamond from one of will always be one of my favorites.

Jeans: Fidelity Ace Mid rise cuffed (jb and me)
Sanctuary Sweater (jb and me)
Tangerine bag (jb and me $48)
Necklace: From my Grandma and Grandpa <3
Shoes: Nicole Better in leopard (jb and me)
I guess it was a Jb and me day all around:)


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