Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Wraps, Hats, and One Great Poodle Clock.

    This warm weather is amazing! It's crazy that we can start wearing our Spring summer clothes just like that!
    Today I pulled out one of my favorite items that I wore last Summer all the time! It's called the Angelrox wrap. This thing is amazing friends, you can wear it countless ways as a dress along with a skirt or a vest. Some of you are probably thinking it must be tricky to twist and wrap into all of these options, but it's really pretty easy. I love the fact that it can be worn so many different ways and it always looks like a different outfit. It makes the perfect travel piece too.


I got hot and turned it into a sleeveless dress:)

Abby's new dress from Jb and me Grand Rapids (nick and mo), I think it was only about $66, not bad for this adorable dress.

    After work today I made my way down to FOUND to visit Abby. It's been a couple weeks since I had visited the store so I wanted to check out the new goodies she had in stock. These are a few of the things I found:

Woven Fedora $12 (FOUND)

An Audry hat- perfect for the beach while you soak up the rays:) or for a fun dramatic flare. $19 (FOUND)

A new handbag line called Jenna Kator... The cool thing about these bags is they are all designed in Michigan and they are a vegan leather.$82 (FOUND)
Love the messenger style..oh look it matches my boots:)

And then I found this poodle clock... I mean how adorable is this. Most of you know I'm dog obsessed so anything that has to do with them I love. It's just so vintage and cute. I hope to buy this for my new home...:)

Come to Jb and me, and I can show you all of the different ways to wear the wraps also stop by FOUND to check out all these cool things...just don't buy the clock, because I call it:)



  1. I love Found! Also loving that dress! You are so stinking cute!

  2. Thanks Megan! It's such a comfy of my go to's as I mentioned! I love FOUND too, isn't it such a fun store? Are you from the area?