Tuesday, June 26, 2012

My Guideline to Boots in the Summer.

Boots aren't just for wearing in the fall and winter months, however there are a few things I go by when choosing what ones I wear throughout the summer months. Some people may not agree with the following, but I like to think they are good guidelines:)

1. Lighter colors are best. Save your black and really dark chocolate browns for the winter months. However, depending on the style of boot these colors could occasionally work too:)

2. Shorter boots are a great option for summer. Mid calf and short cowboys boots are both great options.

3. Boots made of other material besides leather are a good option for summer such as a canvas. Leather is great to, but this is another great lightweight material that works.

4. Boots should hit under the knees when worn in the summer. Up to the knee is fine, but save those REALLY tall ones for your leggings in the winter.

5. Perforated leather like the sixty seven boots I'm wearing give the boot and airier look and feel making them a good choice for summer.


Miz Mooz Carlito-Another favorite Summer boot of mine:)

A boot from Mea Shadow that I own. This is a great color for Summer and a good height.

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