Friday, February 10, 2012

The Snow is Back, Boot Time!

    I knew we hadn't seen the last of old man winter here in Michigan. The sunshine has been wonderful, but now that the trees are covered in their icy layers it's equally beautiful out (just MUCH colder). It was time to pull out the boots again...this time my Tretorn wellies. I love these boots, because they are cute with a casual outfit, and also have a built in warm lining so my feet were toasty all day long. I paired them with a black and grey striped Testament top with a flowy fit, which is perfect paired with skinny denim leggings. I layered up some necklaces, mixing silver and gold to add a little more excitement to this simple and casual outfit.

How many of you have a pair of wellies you wear in snowy/rainy weather?

Happy Friday Friends!

Tretorn boots: Jb and me (available now)
Top: Testament
Necklaces: Kate Mesta dog tag, dogeared heart necklace.

My Tretorn boots...I love the laces...
a little added detail is always fun.

Link to the same top I'm wearing on piperlime
only in a different's even on sale!

layering two two necklaces...I often do small 
one a bit larger.


  1. I LOVE the BOOTS! Can you save me an 8 until I get back from FL???

  2. Sure! I'll let the girls know I have the weekend off;). You'll love them so comfy!!!

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