Tuesday, February 21, 2012


   They add warmth during our cold seasons, and compliment just about any pair of skinny jeans and boots...believe it our not I'm talking about knee high socks.  Now don't think you can just find any old pair of knee high socks in your drawer, and pair them with boots to make a cute outfit.  Gold toe socks will NOT cut it as a fashion sock:)  I'm talking about the heathered knitted socks, or the cute crocheted sock, to add a little detail to your outfits.
    Not only are we seeing this trend in the winter, but the spring as well.  You would just want to find a cute crocheted pair or a light weight cotton pair with some added detail on the top to stick out of your boot or shoe.

The following pics are options that are available on the Free People website, but the ones I'm wearing are from jb and me, we have some great options in stock as well! (Cute ones for Spring too).

My outfit today.

My boots and socks.

Spring Options!

 Perfect weight for now or Springtime, these would look
great with a cowboy boot!

 Cute ruffles are perfect for Spring!

Wear printed socks with heels in the Spring!


*all pics are from the free people website except the ones I am wearing are from Jb and me.

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