Tuesday, January 24, 2012

My Blue Sweatshirt.

    I find myself alternating...one day I dress up at work...the next I'll show up casual.  I'm pretty happy that I have the option at work to do that.  I think I would get sick of wearing dresses and skirts to work everyday (although like I said on yesterdays post I do love a cute skirt).  Today as you can see was a casual day:) Very casual.  I paired my Wilt royal blue sweatshirt with a white layering cami, skinny jeans and a pair of brown boots.  Since my top was pretty simple I decided to layer up a few necklaces that hung nicely together, which added some color and sparkle to my outfit.  This top also would have worked well if I had added a nice bright scarf, since vibrant colors are everywhere this season!   

P.S. I had to add a picture of me in my co-worker Laurie's reading glasses, I couldn't see a darn thing  but I just love the grey tortoise shell frames!  ADORABLE!

Top: Blue wilt sweatshirt (available at Jb and me now)
Jeans: Fidelity Ace Skinny
Necklaces: Vintage rose necklace, and Jordan Bell crystal necklace.
Reading glasses: Anthropologie

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