Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Pastels. Vintage keys. And sunshine.

    What a beautiful day in Holland, MI! The sun was shining, and besides a little wind it was quite warm out! It almost makes it seem like we should be able to wear all of the fun spring clothing that is filling just about every retail shop! Soon enough:)
    Color is going to be everywhere this season! There will be tons of brights, but along with the brights comes soft pastels too, that will be equally as popular. Soft pinks, nudes, and cream sickle oranges will be found on everything from denim to tees to ballet flats.
    My outfit today consists of a pastel green 525 America boyfriend cardigan, layered with a nikibiki long sleeve top (only $25), a vintage key necklace, and my fidelity skinny jeans. Cardigans like this are great pieces to buy for the transition time from winter to spring where you want to start wearing a little color, but also still need a little warmth. They are also great to have to throw over a cute dress or with a t-shirt and skirt.

525 America cardigan: Jb and me
Abby vintage key necklace: Jb and me ( new just arrived too )!!!
Fidelity ace jean: Jb and me
Boots: FOUND

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Yes there is a charm with little vintage skis ( I don't ski, but thought they were adorable)
The lace is vintage too- so pretty. I love lace.
Cardigans are great transition pieces from winter to spring
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