Thursday, January 5, 2012

Cowgirl Plaid.

    I was told twice today that I looked like a cowgirl in my flannel plaid top...whether or not that is actually the case I love this top. The print of plaid always reminds me of Christmas time, and staying warm on a snowy day for some reason, which are two things that make me very happy.
    Plaid was such a huge trend last year, but for those of you who still love it, don't fret, you can still wear your plaids from last year, or even 10 years ago (well, maybe not the ones from 10 years ago). I think plaid will always be around, and will always be a classic look.

Top: DREW plaid top (purchased last year at Jb and me)
Denim: fidelity ace skinny (Jb and me)
Large hoop earrings
Sixty seven boots