Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Infinity Scarf.

    I received this beautiful infinity scarf from my friend Rachel who knitted it herself!  The talent some of you knitters out there have is just amazing, I only wish I knew how to make things like you all!  I've tried to have my Grandma teach me before, but only made a half of a simple dish towl before I giving up.
    This is more of an outdoor scarf because of the warmth of the wool, but I love the way it is such a chunky knit and can easily be looped around to create such a cool style with any jacket.  For those of you who have trouble tieing normal scarves....try the infinity's easy, and makes you look like a scarf twisting pro while wearing them:)



  1. Yay, I made it into the blog! I am very happy you like your new scarf!

  2. Hey Laur~ Get you get your hands on a copy of that pattern?

  3. I'm sure I can Jan! Are you going to make yourself one?