Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Sometimes You Just Want to be Cozy!

    I love dressing up for work, but sometimes those dressier clothing items aren't the most comfortable to wear all day long. Believe it or not, I love my every other Saturday off of work where I can just roll out of bed, throw my hair in a ponytail,  find my leggings and the softest hooded sweatshirt in my closet, and call it good for the day:)  This look is not the most fashionable I know, but who doesn't love a good day in their lounge wear!  My outfit today is a good example of how you can take a casual top from your closet, add a few accessories, a good boot and you not only look pulled together, but you can be comfortable all day long while wearing it. 

Today I'm wearing a lace back sweatshirt top from Lovemarks (A new brand at Jb and me with great prices), My fidelity mid-rise Ace skinny jean, a Kate Mesta dog tag & Dogeared lovestruck necklace, along with my very cozy NikiBiki tank in the long length, and my new Nicole boots in the best grey ever!



  1. Thanks Jamie- You guys sure do have good taste and know my style!