Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Mixing of Prints and patterns

Some may say that this is a fashion no no.  I, on the other hand say ABSOLUTELY!  This look doesn't necessarily work with all prints and patterns, but here is how I would suggest you go about knowing if something goes together or not.  In my outfit today I have a boxy striped sweater on from Free People, paired with a dark skinny jean, some jewelry and a leopard patterned shoe.  Two totally different prints on both is striped and the other animal print.  The reason why this works is that it's in the same color family, which I think in the end makes the outfit flow together, all while having a little extra edge!  So I encourage you to go through your closet and find two items (clothing, shoes or a scarf) and try to play around with mixing patterns.  Colors don't have to be exact matches either, just make sure they compliment each other or that they are in the same color family. Clothing pictured: free people boxy sweater, citizen avedon skinny jeans, and the Nicole "better" leopard flat, which is still available for purchase or special order at Jb and me. Jewelry is a vintage find from the allegan flea market:

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