Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Layer it Up.

    It's that time of year (at least here in Michigan) to bundle up, because old man winter has been showing his face!  Sweaters, thermals, and over the knee socks are all on my list of go to's for layering this season.     
    In my outfit today I took my long, ivory nikibiki tank and  layered it under a wonderful Free People slip. On top of that I layered  my new sweater my wonderful boyfriend Murle picked out for me from Urban Outfitters (well picked out from my wish list that is).  I could have worn denim or leggings with this look, but I opted for some charcoal grey tights, since I decided to wear my Nicole boots in the lighter grey color.  I added my new rose vintage necklace that I pictured in one of my last posts, and I was ready for the day! 
    As you've probably started to notice I do a lot of mixing and matching in my wardrobe, I like to be able to take one item, and really make it work with numerous outfit options.  One way I make this easier to do is by stocking up on different accessories.  Belts, necklaces, slips and patterened tights can really make one outfit look totally different the next time you wear it.

Here is the link to Urban outfitters if you are interested in finding my sweater (UrbanOutfitters).  The boots can be found at Jb and me (25% off this week might I add), slip Free people (last year), Nikibiki long cami (Jb and me, $23)

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