Monday, December 26, 2011

Love Me Some Feathers.

    I've done the hair feather trend, and was quickly over that once everyone and their children started having them (I literally began to see lots of children with hair feathers), but there is still something about this feather trend that I'm still loving... So I was very excited when I opened these lovely earrings from my Aunt Linda and Uncle Dennis on Christmas eve! They are unlike any I've ever seen with not only very cool feathers, but also leather strips and small silver chains. They are from a jewelry line called Presh, which I researched a bit, and found some other really amazing jewelry from this designer! Here's the link for you all to check out(Presh Jewelry link)... If you ever need a gift idea this would be a really cool designer to shop from, and buy really different pieces.



  1. I was going to comment on them tonight! They are super cute!

  2. Thanks! It's nice that they are so lightweight too!