Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Adding a POP of Color.

    Color is everywhere this season, and it's going to be just as popular this Spring. Many of you have probably noticed celebs wearing brightly colored looks in your latest fashion magazines, some being bold, and pairing bright colored pants with a brightly colored blouse or a color block dress with a vibrant pair of tights. I love this look, but decided to tone it down a notch, and pair my new orangish/red blouse with a pair of my favorite Fidelity skinny jeans. If your not as daring but still want to try this trend find a blouse or top that still has a nice color, but is a bit more toned down.
    I've cuffed the jeans giving them that cute ankle look to show off my little black pony wedges. This is also a great way for anyone who has a pair of jeans that are a bit to long to shorten the length, and give them a trendy look all at the same time.
For jewelry I've kept it simple since the neck of the top has a lot going on with the tie. I found a pair of brushed gold earrings to wear along with my gold toned watch.


Ark & co blouse $42 (Jb and me)
Fidelity ace mid rise skinny
Nicole better in black pony