Monday, July 9, 2012

Billabong hanker chief hem dress.

    With all of this hot weather in Michigan I have been wearing nothing but dresses everyday. They are the one outfit that I've actually felt cool enough in...
I purchased this dress to wear as a comfy casual sundress, along with a dress I could easily throw over my swimsuit and use as a coverup.
I love the hanker chief hem at the bottom making it fun and flowy, and also work appropriate. I had a customer who was in her fifties buy this dress at the store today to wear as a casual sundress, however she was going to wear the straps that the dress came with so it wasn't strapless. It proved that this dresses cut was perfect for someone in her twenties or someone a bit older.


Billabong Dress (available at jb and me at the moment)

hanker chief hem 
Semi sweetheart neckline

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