Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Maxi dresses on short gals like me.

I love maxi dresses. I actually wear them all the time in the Summer. Some people however who are short like me (5ft 2") don't feel as though they can wear these long dresses. I , however disagree...

Here are some ways to make Maxie's work for us short gals:

-wear tall wedges or platforms. Both are very comfortable shoe options and also add a lot of height.

-get the dress altered to a shorter length. It typically won't cost more than $15 to have this done...or maybe you know someone who would do it for free:)

- give the dress a raw edge hem by simply cutting the dress off at the bottom. Be careful when doing this and use fabric scissors so you get a clean, straight cut.

- for a beachy/casual look let the dress drag a bit and wear a fun sandal or flip flop (you don't want to be tripping over it), but a little extra length is ok at times.


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