Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Spring accessories

I've been loving throwing on a bunch of fun pastel, springy jewelry lately. It not only adds to your everyday outfit but can add a little color too. I'm wearing a new long layered necklace I received from Maribeth and Jamie for my birthday along with a pastel jewel necklace from FOUND. On my wrist I'm wearing a LOVE bangle, a solid gold hammered bangle and a fun mint green Fox bracelet. Layer it up this spring, the more the better!

1 comment:

  1. LOVE the jewelry! I was thinking... I could get you (the store) some amazing fun, unique jewelry from all of the countries I go to (Bangkok, Thailand, Cambodia, etc.) at a very reasonable price... any interest in something like this? Also, I think you need to do a blog post on how to wear the tie belts that you guys sell... I have one of the long ones and I never wear it because I really can't find a way to make it look cute. However, I'm convinced that you probably have 1,000 ways to make it cute!! It was so great (as always) seeing you at the store last week! It's always one of my favorite stops in Holland :)