Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A Day of Travel.

I always have such a hard time trying to pick out what to wear when I'm traveling. You want to be comfortable yet cute. So in my mind this morning comfy and cute was the following...

For bottoms I'm wearing a new pair of James twiggy denim leggings. These skinny jeans have a ton of stretch and actually feel for like a true legging when wearing them. For a top I pulled out an oldie but goodie- a long sleeve three dot tee. The material on these shirts are always amazing, and since I've had it a while it has gotten even better with age. I wore my tall grey CAT boots mainly because I didn't want to pack them and have them take up a lot of room. Plus the short heel makes them easy to walk in. I added a scarf not only for looks but to keep everyones germs off me while flying:). Im leaving on a jet plane and only have one more flight to go:)

P.S. sorry for the ugly scenery in the bathroom photos:)


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