Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Messy curls.

    I like hairdoos that are easy. I'm no pro when it comes to styling so this is one way I keep it simple yet stylish...
I think most people that have medium-long hairstyles could pull off this look quite easily.

Step 1 wash and dry need to straighten if you have a little wave to your hair it will only help with the style.

Step 2 take medium to large sections of your hair and wrap each section around the barrel of the curling iron. My iron is about 3/4 of an inch, but you can use smaller or larger depending in the wave you want.

Step 3 after each section of hair has been curled use your fingers to brush them out a bit.

All finished! Easy curls!


Take sections of hair and wrap around the outside of the curling iron...

Hold wrapped hair until it it hot enough to hold the curl...

Messy waves

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